Thank you for understanding. I thought I had been weak for missing you, but…It’s releiving to hear this from you. Thanks.

…You were possesive? *He tilts his head* Hm, I hadn’t thought of it that way— but anyways, you didn’t really kill them all; they were mostly horrible people who made the mistake to mess with you, and you couldn’t help it if your thinking wasn’t clear back then. What’s done is done, you know?

And I’m not so wonderful— I mean, I try to be a good person, but it stops there..*an awkward laugh, as he rubs the back of his head sheepishly.*

*Now, instead of this nostalgic feeling, Yugi’s feeling butterflies again- even though her hand- a Dark Signer’s touch-  feels cold, he can grasp a very sweet feeling from it. Caring, subtle and nice. He remembers feeling this before, and happy memories invade him. He smiles at Atem and takes her free hand the same way she had taken his.*

No, it’s okay like this, don’t you think? I mean, I miss the mind-link, but this is also really nice. We don’t know what the other is thinking right now, but that’s not a problem, because we know each other so well, and because it’s more thrilling to find out what the other is thinking.

I don’t think you are weak, Yuugi. If you were weak you wouldn’t of been able to beat me in our Duel.

[laughs] Yes, just a tad. You were the first light and contact I had had in many years. I wanted to protect you. But you’re right. There’s no use on me dwelling on it.

But you are, aibou. I don’t know how but you manage to see the good in almost everyone. You don’t hold grudges and I don’t think I’ve ever seen you angry.

You think, aibou? Okay…[looks at Yuugi with an amused smile] what are you thinking right now?

*He laughs* Looking back on it, I can’t beleive how things worked out at the end— we kept predicting each other’s moves, and kept on messing the other’s strategies. Up to this day, I don’t think I’ve had a duel as incredible as that one, you know!

Well- I guess I should thank you again, then. For keeping me safe, even if you had your extreme ways of doing so. You also kept my friends safe, so you did a lot for me- thank you so much.

Yeah, I think so… And what I’m thinking? Hm. *He smiles back, and squizes Atem’s fingers* I like this situation a lot. I’m really happy we got to this point!

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