*When Atem lets her head fall and says those words, Yugi gets this sad, nostalgic feeling again. He almost reluctantly let go of Atem’s shoulders to cup her cheeks to gently make her look up again. He manages a smile.*

 Look…I’m making a big deal out of what happened after the Ceremonial Duel; you did what you had to do, and you fought with all you had; If you hadn’t, you wouldn’t have been true to yourself, and same goes for me… so I guess we were both doing the right thing, and at the same time, the wrong. As much as I would’ve liked to, I couldn’t rely on you for everything, and I had to understand that. I was able to mature a lot thanks to all that I went through, but I’m okay now. The lonliness didn’t last long— not that I didn’t miss you, beleive me, I did that a lot more than I was supposed to…

*His look softens.*

Mou hitori no boku…if this is a punishment from your Gods, then it’s unfair. You were only acting on your emotions, and that’s a perfectly human thing to do. You really don’t deserve all the trouble you’re going through.

And hey, don’t worry. Like you said, they were all idiots— I’m gonna’ have to agree that the Yami no Games and the killing was twisted, but I can also understand that you had your  good intentions, and that you never really harmed the innocent. So you’re not that bad.

I think after spending some odd years with a spirit inhabiting your body and then that spirit suddenly going back to the Afterlife…I think you’re allowed to miss them, aibou. [smiles sadly] I’m glad, though. It didn’t prevent you from moving on.

The Gods never really played fair to begin with. I mean, I was viewed as a God myself. I’m assuming I was not supposed to act “human” more so act like a God?

…yes but. It didn’t really give me a reason to kill them. Being trapped in the Puzzle for three thousand years clouded my thinking. It made me a little possessive over you.

Aibou, you are truly a wonderful person. [takes one of Yuugi’s hands an intertwines it with hers] It kind of sucks we don’t have our mind link any more.

  Thank you for understanding. I thought I had been weak for missing you, but…It’s releiving to hear this from you. Thanks.

…You were possesive? *He tilts his head* Hm, I hadn’t thought of it that way— but anyways, you didn’t really kill them all; they were mostly horrible people who made the mistake to mess with you, and you couldn’t help it if your thinking wasn’t clear back then. What’s done is done, you know?

And I’m not so wonderful— I mean, I try to be a god person, but it stops there..*an awkward laugh, as he rubs the back of his head sheepishly.*

*Now, instead of this nostalgic feeling, Yugi’s feeling butterflies again- even though her hand- a Dark Signer’s touch-  feels cold, he can grasp a very sweet feeling from it. Caring, subtle and nice. He remembers feeling this before, and happy memories invade him. He smiles at Atem and takes her free hand the same way she had taken his.*

No, it’s okay like this, don’t you think? I mean, I miss the mind-link, but this is also really nice. We don’t know what the other is thinking right now, but that’s not a problem, because we know each other so well, and because it’s more thrilling to find out what the other is thinking.

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