*Yugi cringes a little when Atem mentions the afterlife.* No… that’s alright. Truth be told, I’m really happy to have you here.

*He pulls out from the hug, but is holding Atem’s shoulders, and is now looking up to her.* I think I should be apologizing all over again, though. Mou hitori no boku, you were right about everything you said once you came back. You told me that I hadn’t asked you anything, and I sent you to a rest you didn’t ask for…so I’m really sorry. About that, and that you came back with so much rage, and also that you had to go through that thing about becoming a girl. You don’t deserve all this stuff happening at once, and I’m the one to blame here….

And don’t worry! *A little laugh* Everytime I had a trouble, you helped me in a way or another. I’m not getting hurt, because I’m going to help you with any aftermath that comes with this deal. We’re still the team we’ve always been, Mou hitori no boku. And I’m really happy, and really glad to say all of this.

[lets head fall] Yuugi…you didn’t have any idea. It’s not like I was openly against it. I let it happen. I could’ve easily said no to the Duel or forfeited and said I didn’t want to leave. …I did neither of those things.
And you were upset and I couldn’t do anything about it and I left you alone and…[trails off]

I think it’s the Gods that are punishing me for this. [looks up with a melancholic look] I deserve it, no less. I pushed them aside for a new God.

You had those idiots in school…but the rest was really my doing. You would have never had to duel against Marik or had to deal with Doma if it wasn’t for me. [shakes head] I didn’t really help you more than challenge them to Yami no Games and kill them and leave you in the alley or something, having you to deal with waking up to some dead body near and blood all over you.


*When Atem lets her head fall and says those words, Yugi gets this sad, nostalgic feeling again. He almost reluctantly let go of Atem’s shoulders to cup her cheeks to gently make her look up again. He manages a smile.*

 Look…I’m making a big deal out of what happened after the Ceremonial Duel; you did what you had to do, and you fought with all you had; If you hadn’t, you wouldn’t have been true to yourself, and same goes for me… so I guess we were both doing the right thing, and at the same time, the wrong. As much as I would’ve liked to, I couldn’t rely on you for everything, and I had to understand that. I was able to mature a lot thanks to all that I went through, but I’m okay now. The lonliness didn’t last long— not that I didn’t miss you, beleive me, I did that a lot more than I was supposed to…

*His look softens.*

Mou hitori no boku…if this is a punishment from your Gods, then it’s unfair. You were only acting on your emotions, and that’s a perfectly human thing to do. You really don’t deserve all the trouble you’re going through.

And hey, don’t worry. Like you said, they were all idiots— I’m gonna’ have to agree that the Yami no Games and the killing was twisted, but I can also understand that you had your  good intentions, and that you never really harmed the innocent. So you’re not that bad.

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