*smiles warmly.* I’m really glad I can still get to be your aibou. Truth be told, it felt weird not hearing that word since you were…well, since I made you gone. *The last words were said with a hint of guilt—even sadness.*

I don’t think I care about you being a Dark Signer at all— I mean, yes, you scared me when you first apeared before me, but that also happened when I first released you from the puzzle. After thinking about it, I was just glad that you were back.

Hey…at the end, you didn’t kill me. And you haven’t dissapeared or anything. You’re safe. You’re here and being like this, and nothing else matters for now. *A very small smile*

*When Atem’s forehead is against his shoulder, Yugi tightens the hug, holding Atem’s head gently with one arm, and his back with the other. He wants to be as comforting as posible.* You’ve always been normal to me. Better than normal, if I’m honest- I don’t think the water or anything has to do anything with this, I think you’re finally opening yourself, and you have no idea how glad that makes me, Mou hitori no boku.

[shakes head] I wasn’t gone for long…was I? How long was I gone in your time?

I don’t know, aibou. [tightens hold on Yuugi a tad] I made a deal. If deals are broken there are usually consequences.  I’m so sorry.

[smiles] Aibou when have you not been honest. [laughs] It…makes you glad? I’m not sure…it’s weird. This opening up. I’ve always been okay with closing everyone and everything off from myself. I felt like that was the best way to go about things.

Maybe not, Yuugi. Maybe not.

About a year, I think…  I somehow managed, but beleive me, it took a lot to do so. You were with me for so long I had almost forgoten what it felt like— not having someone to talk to every morning, afternoon or night when no one was around, or just feeling you were there… *Yugi notices that he’s getting a bit too personal and melancholic, so he shakes his head slowly to stop himself from talking more about it.*

 *Yugi lets his hold on Atem relax a little. He rests his head near Atem’s.* You shouldn’t apologize, you’ve nothing to apologize for. After all, as you said when you came back, you would’ve done anything to get back here, so no one can blame you or your choises. It’s okay, and if there are consequences, I’m more than ready to stand up for them with you, like it’s always been.

And you shouldn’t feel weird. It’s really nice that you’re opening up…I feel like I’m getting to know you all over again, and that makes me really happy, you know.

[shakes head] Yuugi…I have to apologize. That’s not even enough. If I had just stayed in the Afterlife…

I can’t let you stand beside me while I deal with my punishment. This is mine and mine alone. I’m not going to let you get hurt.

All over again, huh. I suppose that is right. If it makes you happy, aibou, then so be it.

*Yugi cringes a little when Atem mentions the afterlife.* No… that’s alright. Truth be told, I’m really happy to have you here.

*He pulls out from the hug, but is holding Atem’s shoulders, and is now looking up to him.* I think I should be apologizing all over again, though. Mou hitori no boku, you were right about everything you said once you came back. You told me that I hadn’t asked you anything, and I sent you to a rest you didn’t ask for…so I’m really sorry. About that, and that you came back with so much rage, and also that you had to go through that thing about becoming a girl. You don’t deserve all this stuff happening at once, and I’m the one to blame here….

And don’t worry! *A little laugh* Everytime I had a trouble, you helped me in a way or another. I’m not getting hurt, because I’m going to help you with any aftermath that comes with this deal. We’re still the team we’ve always been, Mou hitori no boku. And I’m really happy, and really glad to say all of this.

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