Oh…no, I never felt obligated. At first it was perfect, since I just thought you were…well, mou hitori no boku.  But then it just grew as some kind of nickname only you could have, and it’s meaning kind of doesn’t matter as much now because it’s yours, and it brings back really good memories… *a sheepish smile* So if you don’t mind, you’re still my Mou hitori no boku. Until it starts bothering you.

*when Yugi gets hugged so suddenly, he can’t help but to feel a little shaky. Even back in the time when he was with him, before Dimentia and everything, Atem hadn’t done this. There are butterflies in his stomach and his face is warm and red from really heavy blushing.*

N-No…there’s no real need to apologize. *He hugs back, relaxing a little. He closes his eyes and sighs* You were just so angry. You needed to let it out, and you did, and now you’re normal again, so everything was worth it. There’s also nothing to thank me about. I’m just…I’m just really glad you’re being your old self again. I mean it.

It was really the only name I had, but.. If I’m still your mou hitori no boku, then you’re still my aibou. It won’t bother me, Yuugi.

But Yuugi, I’m not normal. I’m still a Dark Signer. I came back to kill you. That’s how we work. We come back for revenge and kill whoever we want revenge against and then disintegrate into dust.

[lets forehead fall against Yuugi’s shoulder] Do I seem normal to you? I feel like I’m only like this because I feel in the damn water. [sighs] If you say I’m normal, then I must be.

*smiles warmly.* I’m really glad I can still get to be your aibou. Truth be told, it felt weird not hearing that word since you were…well, since I made you gone. *The last words were said with a hint of guilt—even sadness.*

I don’t think I care about you being a Dark Signer at all— I mean, yes, you scared me when you first apeared before me, but that also happened when I first released you from the puzzle. After thinking about it, I was just glad that you were back.

Hey…at the end, you didn’t kill me. And you haven’t dissapeared or anything. You’re safe. You’re here and being like this, and nothing else matters for now. *A very small smile*

*When Atem's forehead is against his shoulder, Yugi tightens the hug, holding Atem’s head gently with one arm, and his back with the other. He wants to be as comforting as posible.* You’ve always been normal to me. Better than normal, if I’m honest- I don’t think the water or anything has to do anything with this, I think you’re finally opening yourself, and you have no idea how glad that makes me, Mou hitori no boku.

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