You didn’t mean that? Well…I’m curious, now. Could it be that you don’t like it anymore when I call you ‘Mou Hitori no boku’? I mean, it’s understandable since you have a given name now, so you can be open with me about it…

*a quiet laugh*

Yeah, Timaeus was pretty enthusiastic back there. Can’t really blame him, though, since he had been trapped as a dragon for so long…I can only imagine how excited he gets when he finally finds an interest and can play with it in his human form. I’m really happy for him.

…I’m really sorry you feel like that. *his hand hasn’t left Atem’s shoulder. When he says the following, he squizzes it gently.* But hey, knowing Yusei-kun, he’s bound to find a cure. And when he does, you and everyone else that might be troubled from the water will be just fine, I promise you. And if this drags on for longer, you can count on me for anything, alright? I’m right by your side.

I meant…ahhh. [runs a hand through her hair] I just thought you were just doing it because you felt like you had to. But if you aren’t, then…I mean if you want to call me mou hitori no boku then you can. Or if you want to call me Atem then that’s fine too… It doesn’t really matter.

I guess. I wish he’d go bother someone else instead of me. I think he gets some weird pleasure embarrassing me.

[grabs Yuugi’s arm and pulls him forward, hugging him] Thank you, Yuugi. I’ve been such a…I don’t think there’s even a word to how terrible I was to you when I first came back. But…thank you.

Oh…no, I never felt obligated. At first it was perfect, since I just thought you were…well, mou hitori no boku.  But then it just grew as some kind of nickname only you could have, and it’s meaning kind of doesn’t matter as much now because it’s yours, and it brings back really good memories… *a sheepish smile* So if you don’t mind, you’re still my Mou hitori no boku. Until it starts bothering you.

*when Yugi gets hugged so suddenly, he can’t help but to feel a little shaky. Even back in the time when he was with him, before Dimentia and everything, Atem hadn’t done this. There are butterflies in his stomach and his face is warm and red from really heavy blushing.*

N-No…there’s no real need to apologize. *He hugs back, relaxing a little. He closes his eyes and sighs* You were just so angry. You needed to let it out, and you did, and now you’re normal again, so everything was worth it. There’s also nothing to thank me about. I’m just…I’m just really glad you’re being your old self again. I mean it.

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