*He nods enthusiastically* Sounds like a great idea, mou hitori no boku!

 Well, I can’t help but being grateful- if it wasn’t for you, I would’ve probably remained the same whimpy kid I was for so long. When you came along, I think everyone’s lives changed a lot, and for the better, so there’s no way I couldn’t thank you.

*He smiles.*

They missed you a lot, too. They could move on quicker than me, but I could really tell that they understood how I felt because of how fond they were of you- specially Anzu and Jonouchi-kun. Before this Dimentia thing happened, we were all set for finishing high school, so other than planning what to do by ourselves, we were as close as ever, so you don’t have to worry about them.

[laughs] Aibou it’s hard to believe that I made a really big change in you and your friend’s lives. [pauses] Well, I guess I can see it.

[feels guilt] Of course. Did Anzu still want to go into…ah what was it…dance? And what did you decide on what you wanted to do, aibou?

Of course you changed us…I mean, you were so much more outspoken than me, so Jonouchi-kun learned a lot from you, from duels to practical stuff; and Anzu admired and liked you a lot, as did Honda, and as I did.

*Sees the guilt on her expression.* Hey… *squizes her fingers reasuringly* We all did miss you, but we were all okay with what had happened, so don’t look like that.

Ah…Anzu didn’t ever drop her dream, so she kept on working hard to go to Broadway. As for me, well… I can’t say that I was completely set on something. College seemed like a nice idea, but the option of becoming a profesional duelist always seemed to call out to me; *A melancholic smile* it was a little sad that it reminded me a lot of you, but I still wanted to see if I could give that a try.

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